The conditions of sale are valid between the buyer at the web store (hereafter referred to as the 'consumer') and the trader Eurocom SB OÜ address Tallinna maantee, 36-60, 21005, reg. nr 11002025, VATIN: EE100283507 (hereafter referred to as the 'web store') for the purchase of goods and services.

In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relationships arising from the purchase of products from the web store are regulated by the Law of Obligations Act (LOA), the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and other legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

The web store reserves the right to change the conditions of sale. These changes will be made available on the web page
All prices at the web store include a value added tax of 20%.

Transport costs are added to the value of the goods, the receipt of which the cooperation partners of COUNTRY24.NET are indicated as receiving, if the value of purchases does not exceed 60 € (transport costs are 6€) or does not exceed 120€ (transport costs are 3€ ). For purchases exceeding 120 €, the transport costs are covered by the online store.

Prices are valid from the date of placing an order until the expiry of the payment date of the order (3 days after placing the order).

An additional charge for transport is added to purchases according to the delivery method chosen by the consumer (parcel machine or delivery address).

If the order was placed prior to a change in the conditions of sale or in prices, the legal relationship between the consumer and will be governed by the terms and conditions that are applied during the time of placing the order.

The web store reserves the right to make changes in sales prices. These changes will be made available on the web page
Add the desired products to your shopping cart.

To place an order, first click on the 'Basket' link at the top right corner of the webpage

You can place an order either with your personal or legal entity account, or without registration (there is a choice in the online store).

An account will not be created for unregistered users and purchased products will not be saved.

On the "Cart" page, fill in the required fields, select the appropriate delivery method and payment method. Click on the "Generate invoice and send email" link. Pay the bill.

You can conveniently pay your invoice through a bank link (Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, LHV, Coop, etc.), using Visa payment cards or by invoice (the data for making a payment along with all applicable government taxes and surcharges can be found in the invoice).

Orders placed in the online store are processed on weekdays (Mon-Fri 10.00–21.00). If the order arrives on Friday after 14.00, then it is issued the next Monday.
With the contract of sale, the web store undertakes to deliver to the consumer available and soon-to-be-produced goods as well as the goods that the web store will obtain in the future and to transfer their ownership to the consumer, whereas the consumer undertakes to pay to the web store for the goods in the amount indicated on the invoice and to accept the goods.

Orders that have not been paid for will be cancelled 4 days after placing the order.

The contract of sale enters into force after the receipt of the payment made by the consumer on the bank account of the web store. has the right to terminate the sales contract in the event of a price error. According to § 90 (1) of the General Part of the Civil Code Act, a transaction entered into as a result of a material error can be canceled.
After the entry into force of the contract of sale the web store assembles the order and hands it over to the company's logistics partners for delivery.

Delivery times indicated on the web store's website apply from the moment the web store receives the payment for the order on its bank account.

In order to avoid delivery delays, the order forms have to be filled in carefully and the delivery information submitted should be accurate and valid.

The web store is not responsible for a delay in delivery if the goods were handed over to the logistics partners on time, but the delivery was delayed due to circumstances that the web store could not foresee or control.

Once you select a pickup location in the Store, you will receive an email notification when the item is ready for shipment.

To get the goods in the store more conveniently, provide a purchase document and an identity document. If another person, other than the buyer, arrives for the goods, we ask the consumer to send this person a purchase document.

When choosing "Courier delivery", the Consumer will be notified by phone about the arrival of the goods and the exact time of delivery of the goods will be agreed.

By choosing Parcel Machine Service, you will receive an SMS notification when the goods are delivered to the parcel machine selected by the Consumer.

After receiving an order, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract entered into at the web store within 14 days. In order to return goods, the consumer has to submit a request for withdrawal from the purchase of goods and its standard form can be found on the website of the web store and send it to e-mail address of web store no later than within 14 days of the receipt of the product. The reason of withdrawal is also recommended.

The invoice of the purchase must be added to the request of withdrawal. The product must be returned in original package, package and product must be without any damages.

If the condition of the product to be returned has deteriorated, the consumer is responsible for the decreased value of the object due to its use only if the product has been used in any other way than is needed to verify its nature, qualities and proper functioning. To verify the object's nature, qualities and proper functioning, the consumer should treat and use the object only in the manner that would be generally allowed in a store.

The consumer has to return the goods within 14 days following the submission of the request for withdrawal or provide evidence that they have given the goods to the logistics company within the mentioned period. Returning the goods via the logistics company, the consumer takes the responsibility to pack the product properly, according to the logistics company requirements.

If the consumer withdraws from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods, the consumer bears all costs of postage when returning the product.

After receiving the request for withdrawal the web store will promptly – no later than within 14 days – refund all the fees received from the consumer under the contract, including the transport fees paid by the consumer; however if the consumer has explicitly chosen a delivery method that differs from the cheapest option offered by the seller, the web store is not required to reimburse the cost that exceeds the costs arising from the regular method of delivery.

The client does not have to return goods via the logistics company if the web store has agreed to return the goods to any of’s stores.
The web store is responsible for the non-compliance or deficiencies of the goods sold to the consumer that occur within two years from their delivery to the consumer.

If deficiencies occur, the consumer has the right to turn to the web store within two months by providing the invoice of the purchase.

We urge you to stop using the product when non-compliance or deficiencies occur.

The repair or replacement of defective goods shall be agreed between the web store and the consumer. Costs of repair are covered by the web store.

The web store does not assume liability for defects that arose through the consumer's fault, either due to improper storage or non-intended use.

Should the product exhibit non-compliance or deficiencies, e-mail your complaint to, and include the name of the person who placed the order, phone number, order code, and the exact description of the product's non-compliance or deficiency.

Complaints about the non-compliance or deficiencies of the product have to be submitted within two months of detecting the non-compliance or deficiencies.

All complaints are reviewed and consumers are contacted as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days from the date of receiving the complaint.

The consumer has the right to request a reduction of the sales price or a termination of the contract and a refund for the goods from the web store, if the web store is not able to repair or replace the product, it fails to repair or replacement the product, web store has not eliminated the defect within a reasonable time frame, or it has caused unreasonable inconveniences to the consumer.
If the web store has refused to settle a complaint from the consumer or the consumer does not agree with the solution proposed by the web store and finds that their rights have been violated or interests damaged, the consumer may file a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Commission through the Consumer Protection Board (Pronksi tn 12 Tallinn 10117; phone: 6201707; e-mail:; or turn to the court. Consumers can file complaints themselves or through a representative. Information about the Consumer Protection Commission can be found on the website of the Consumer Protection Board. For the settlement of problems arising in the Member States of the European Union, contact the European Consumer Centre.
The web store has the right to use the consumer's residence or other address for advertisements and other information to the consumer.

The consumer has the right to forbid the collection and use of their personal data at any time, except where this is necessary for the collection of a contractual claim or for the delivery of goods.

Electronic personal data are used for direct mail only if the consumer has given a separate consent for this on the website

Encrypted communication with banks during the payment of goods ensures the security of the consumer's personal bank details and makes them inaccessible for the web store itself.
The web store is not liable for the damage caused to the consumer or for delivery delays if the damage or delay is caused by circumstances that the web store could not foresee or control.
Warranty service is warranty assurance to products delivered by

Delivering product to department it should be packed into manufacturer’s packaging and in full set. If manufacturer's packaging is not available, product can be packed also in other packaging what is safe for transportation.

The product must be disconnected from active accounts and the password must be removed before sending the product to warranty service.

After product receiving in department it will be tested. If defect of product during testing will be proved, product will be repaired, exchanged to equivalent or better, or credit note will be issued.

6€ If defect of product during testing will not be proved, invoice in amount of 16€ (with VAT) will be issued and product will be returned back. Exchange of damaged product or issuing of credit note will be performed within five working days after product gas been received in department. In case if product is sent for repairing to an authorized service center, warranty process can take longer time.

Warranty does not apply in such cases:

  1. Product has not been purchased from

  2. Product warranty term has been expired (warranty period is calculated from the moment product has been sold, or from the date invoice has been issued. The warranty period is indicated in the invoice based on amount specified by manufacturer.) The term of submitting a service center Certificate (written on the Certificate) has been expired. If the Certificate specifies submition deadline only for the end-user, the certificate must be submitted not later than 30 days after the expiration of this deadline

  3. Product has not been delivered in manufacturer's full set

  4. Product or it packaging has visible mechanical or liquid damages

  5. Product has not been used according to manufacturer's specified conditions of use

  6. Product has been repaired or modified by person who is not a seller's or manufacturer's authorized service center representative

  7. The product has damaged warranty seal, serial or EMEI number

  8. If the product is unclean or has traces of corrosion

1. Payment by bank link

2. Payment by invoice