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    Cafe where you can quickly have dinner, cafe outdoors, where you can listen to life music in the evening are always at
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    The Arizona cafe-bar is a place for tasty dinners, business meetings behind the tea or coffee cup, pleasant music and rest.
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    Barracuda Cafe is located in the heart of the resort town of Narva-J?esuu. You will be surrounded by a nice and romantic atmosphere, pleasant service that will help you completely relax and enjoy a meal or drinks. We c...
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    """Music caf? “GENEVA” is one of the coziest places in Narva city. Having a large parking area for buses and trucks, our caf? is located only in 5 meters from the Tallinn-St. Petersburg highway. The convenient location...
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    The name Pechki-Lavochki for many, inadvertently, is associated with a wonderful, very Russian in fact, film of the great Vasily Shukshin. You will be able to feel fully the same Russian character in the new namesake f...
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